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Thank you for considering TTS Granite for the purchase and installation of your new countertops. We truly value you as a potential customer, and will do our best to ensure your needs are met and exceeded.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions of TTS Granite regarding the purchase and installation of of new countertops. Please read below and watch the videos to witness exactly how the installation is conducted by TTS Granite. You can also click HERE to view our "Setting Customer Expectations" document, which highlights just how we work with you to ensure a positive experience between TTS Granite and YOU!


What is included in a TTS Granite quote?

Be cautious of extremely low advertised granite prices per square foot. They usually mean for one stone color and features, such as sink cut outs, edging, backsplashes, delivery and installation are extra costs. TTS Granite offers all inclusive pricing. Our price includes: material, cut-out for sinks, cook-top, and faucets, 15 Year sealer, removal of existing tops, installation, layout approval, delivery and tax.

Do you know how your project will layout on your granite or marble slab?

To ensure customer satisfaction, our staff encourages customers to come view the actual layout with our production team. This appointment shows customers where any seams maybe located as well as pattern matches so that there are no surprises at installation.

Does TTS Granite work with man-made engineered quartz?

TTS Granite works with several man-made engineered quartz products.  TTS Granite, Inc. is a certified Cambria, Caesarstone, HanStone, LG Viatera, Silestone, Q Premium Natural Quartz and Dupont Zodiac fabricator and installer.


What is the process for a standard installation?

AT TTS Granite, we install the finest marble, quartz and granite countertops to your kitchens or bathrooms, as well as installing the finest fixtures available today.

Please view the video below to witness how a standard installation of countertops is completed by our installation teams at TTS Granite:

  1. Removal of existing countertops.
  2. Preparation of area for new sinks (if applicable) and countertops.
  3. Final preparation/review of new countertops to insure quality.
  4. New countertop placement and installation.
  5. Sealing of countertop into place.
  6. Final cleaning of new countertops to ensure no residue remains from the installation process.
  7. Final preparation of countertop for plumber/installation of faucets (if not contracted with TTS Granite).
  8. Final inspection before departure to ensure all aspects of installation have been completed properly.

How long will it take from order to installation?

Installation is usually 5-7 business days after digital measure. A confirmation phone call is provided with the timeframe of your installation the day before.

Are all fabrication or installation staff employed by TTS Granite?

TTS Granite fabrication and installation team members are all long term employees. They have worked as a team for years, know their equipment and how to properly lift, handle and install your granite without damaging your cabinets.  They know exactly what is expected to complete your project.

How precise are TTS Granite's measurements to ensure my new countertops fit perfectly?

At TTS Granite, we utilize the most cutting edge measuring technology in the industry to ensure that your stone will fit PERFECTLY into the available space.

Who should I call to cancel or reschedule a measure or installation appointment?

Please call (708) 755-5200 if you need to cancel or reschedule your measure or installation date.  Please contact your TTS Granite Sales Representative to schedule measure and installation appointments.

How many seams will I have?

A truly professional job has minimum number of seams placed in inconspicuous locations. At TTS Granite, we use our computer system to layout the project to ensure minimum seam placement and consistent pattern flow from one section to another.

Can I match granite or marble slabs?

Matching slabs require a large inventory of granite or marble that is quarried from the same location at the same time. During the selection process, your TTS Granite sales representative will make sure that we have enough granite or marble slabs in the color you have selected to accommodate your order with extra slabs in case of breakage and or increases in your order.


Does TTS Granite have insurance?

With years of experience in granite and marble using the state-of-the-art tools, TTS Granite employees seldom make mistakes, but if they do, TTS Granite is fully licensed, bonded and insured. You and your property are protected from the moment we start working on your project. Make sure that any company which offers a price quote is equally insured.